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Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Dosh Positive Effects, Remedies and Benefits

Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Dosh makes a person’s life the most exciting and difficult one. It proceeds when all seven planets come in Rahu and Ketu. The person becomes poor of mental consonance and pleasure. They are not be able to get victory and face verbal arguments with family and closed relatives.

हिंदी में पढ़े – क्लिक करे – शंखपाल काल सर्प दोष के असर, उपाय और निवारण

When all the planets are surrounded among Rahu and Ketu i.e., the moon’s north node and the moon’s south node Kaalsarp Yoga is established. Complete Kaalsarp yoga when half of the chart is empty by planets.

Because of the occurrence of kalsarpa yog in their horoscope they have to face many issues in their life. They earn lot of money. They don’t know how to spend it. This yog brings negative thoughts in their mind and also create terror in their mind. People have barriers in their studies. They see many problems in getting married. Kalsarpa yog also brings dishonor or loss in business. Confrontation in husband wife relation and other problems are also because of kalsarpa yog. So it is very important to do kalsarpa shanti pooja to get away of all the above mentioned issues. Cobra is the main in this pooja. Relying upon their wish they can get a little golden idol of cobra, praise it and then can give it to the pandit or any other kind of contribution can also be done.

There are twelve kind of KaaL Sarp Dosh. One of the Dosh is Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Dosh. It is said to be in horoscope when Rahu is positioned in the fourth house and Ketu is positioned in tenth house and other planets are positioned from the fourth to tenth house.

Problems of Shankhpal Kala Sarpa Dosha

  • This Sarp yog can do a major loss and can cause a major issue linked to few of the most mandatory spheres of a person’s life.
  • The humans with Sankhpal kaal Sarp Dosh in his horoscope undergo from intellectual, mental, executive and other troubles.
  • The raising of the kids is troubled and they are absorbed to bad habits and activities like smoking, drinking, gambling, and stealing.
  • The relatives interfere the married life.
  • The native with Sankhpal kaal Sarp Dosh in his horoscope also perceive few mystic nightmares and animals in their dreams.

Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Yog Benefits

  • This Kaal Sarp Dosh gives power of making huge political victory if the person gets into politics.
  • For the person born at midnight i.e. 12 AM the position of Sun will be in the fourth house of the chart that means the fourth house give utmost open house with full of light.
  • The person can also have a good chance to have the largest position in government jobs.
  • The beginning cannot affect one who worships almighty, his elders and parents.

Shankhpal Kalsarp Dosh and its Nivaran

  • Person should be away from cigarettes, drinks, Liquor etc. and mainly on Saturday these all should not be touched.
  • One should not purchase old products or take it from anybody.
  • Don’t utilize black, blue, brown or any dark coloured clothes over waist. The person should use bright colour clothes only.
  • Don’t sleep in day; exercise early in the morning. Never make a partner in any kind of trade or business, take care from neighbours also.

Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Yog Chart

Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Yog Chart
Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Yog Chart

By Govind Shastri

Acharya Govind shastri has an experience of 15+ years at trimbakeshwar to perform all type of trimbakeshwar pooja. Guruji is mainly famous for kaal sarp dosh nivaran puja for better result. Panditji are will educated, can talk in English, Hindi and Marathi. You can call guruji and ask for free kundali check so guruji can guide you about which puja tobe performed and how. Firstly, check best muhurat for respective puja then check booking of trains and hotel for stay with the help of panditji. Guruji will tell you what to wear during puja and what to carry with you. संपर्क 08600003956

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  • Sunny

    Is there a different pooja for shankhpal kaal sarp dosh than general kaal sarp dosh pooja? what are the differences for shankpal specific pooja

    • Only some mantra are chanted for shakhapal namak kaal sarp dosh. otherwise 98% puja is same for all type of kaal sarp puja. there are 12 types of kaal sarp dosh. So we just chant the name of that shakhapal kaal sarp dosh mantra.

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